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what if Korra goes to the swamp to find Toph and finds Shrek instead




First look at Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is an enigmatic, enchanting mystery adventure unlike anything else. Somewhere, lost in the clouded annals of history, lies a place that few have ever seen, a mysterious place called The Unknown, where long-forgotten stories are revealed to those who travel through the wood. Two lost brothers, Wirt and Greg, are on a quest to make it home safely. Who will they meet along the way? And what challenges await them? Check out this first look at Over the Garden Wall, a brand-new Five-Night Mystery Adventure coming in November, only on Cartoon Network!

The show is created by Patrick McHale.

It will be 10 episodes, 11 minutes each, 2 episodes per night, for 5 days. Coming in November!


Newtype’s 4koma #5 and #6
Once again if someone has the newtype magazine from may 2012 until december 2012, I would ask you to share these in HQ, please.
Also anyone is invited to translate.

…I’m not really sure whether I want to know what the hell is going on.


Newtype’s 4koma #5 and #6

Once again if someone has the newtype magazine from may 2012 until december 2012, I would ask you to share these in HQ, please.

Also anyone is invited to translate.

…I’m not really sure whether I want to know what the hell is going on.





They’ve got civilians trapped.

I love that while the avengers fought the aliens you also see them helping to evacuate people so they are safe. It’s not just fighting, it’s rescue as well.

YES THANK YOU! This was my huge and horrible problem with Man of Steel. No help. Buildings falling left and right. I just kept saying “There’s another 10,000 dead people…oooh, and another 10,000 right there!” And no one cared. It left me feeling a bit sick, actually.

In the same movie Captain American *repeatedly* goes out of his way to rescue civilians, order the local police to make sure that the civilians are safe, tells people to get underground in a deleted scene, and leaves the main battle to rescue an entire bank full of terrified people from the Chitauri.  He damn near gets blown to pieces doing the last, after losing his cowl so that the entire world can see his face and realize that the guy in the Captain America outfit is the lost hero from 1945 who sacrificed himself to save the entire Eastern Seaboard.  

Want more?  Don’t forget that Thor offers himself to save an entire town of people he doesn’t even know, and that a couple of years later Jane runs through a library screaming at people to get away from Malekith and his ships as they ravage Greenwich.  And what the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps banding together to save an entire planet?  Tony Stark sending his precious armor to save Pepper, then ordering her to remove Maya from the battle zone before thinking of himself?  Bruce Banner going underground to heal people in the most literal sense?  Sharon Carter taking the extra second to kick the launch technician’s chair out from under him just in time to prevent Crossbones from blowing him to hell?  All those poor doomed SHIELD agents trying to take on STRIKE teams with hand guns to prevent those helicarriers from getting intot he air?

Best of all, after spending two years working beside Cap and going on the lam with him, Black Widow, the most morally ambiguous character of them all, shouts “Get out of the way!  RUN!” as she flees for her life from the Winter Soldier.  This is a woman who a worldwide reputation for black ops, and even she puts non-combatants above her own life.

It’s one of the things I love best about Marvel:  their characters are more than muscle and speed and grandstanding against impossible odds.  They have heart and soul and spirit, and every single one of them, without exception, is willing to take the extra second or two to protect the innocent and the defenseless even if it means their own lives.  There’s a moral core there that the Superman of Man of Steel lacks, and it’s a reason why these movies are so popular:

We know in our bones that if we lived in their universe, they’d do what true heroes do, and they’d save us.  

Superman, at least in Man of Steel, doesn’t.  

That makes all the difference.

Also why Christopher Reeve is and will always be my Superman.

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This pretty much sums up my reaction to book 3 and the book 4 trailer



Aang deals with cultural appropriation - (x)

People need to stop reblogging this without the rest of the comic :^)

Part 1: Aang has a negative reaction to people who mistakenly hurt his feelings but had good intentions.

Part 2: Aang calms down and acknowledges that those people’s intentions were good and instead of being upset offers to educate and inform those people and SHARES his culture.

Good message there.

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Layer Comp Tutorial I made earlier this year for my Concept Illustration class. Guys….Layer Comps are the bomb!

Been wanting to do a funny Polar Bear Cafe and T&B cross-over comic for a while. This is a small preview of it. Hope ya’ll enjoy!


Helps me a lot, makes coloring 50% faster~

Hey there, Asami, right? Great train house! Maybe you could give me a personal tour sometime, whaddya say?